ZCON provides the following skilled labour services:
  • Contract labour (local and travelling)
  • Direct placements
We focus on the Construction Industry-ONLY. At ZCON, we attribute our success to the extent of work we put into the recruitment and hiring process for all our contractors.

We know that the success of every job depends heavily on certain key factors. Our project and account coordinators maintain a high standard toward achieving these factors from the day an expert is hired and throughout their employment at ZCON.

These factors are:
  • Trade experience, knowledge and professional certifications
  • Quality of work output
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to take direction and work effectively with others
  • Focus on personal safety and safety of others
  • Level of integrity and accountability
  • Our commitment to providing the highest quality skilled professionals every time is backed by our 4-Hour Guarantee. If any ZCON employee does not meet your expectations within the first four hours of their assignment, you will not be billed for the labour and we will promptly provide a replacement.

You’ve got a top-notch business and outsourcing your jobsite labour with ZCON, will help you achieve many of your business goals. Now let us help you take your business to the next level of excellence. ZCON can help you streamline and simplify your internal operations, reduce operating expenses and improve profitability and enhance productivity through our industry proven value-added services.

Our value-added services help our clients ensure greater jobsite safety performance, gain best of breed ZCON, management practices and enjoy the benefits of our robust payroll management service. At ZCON, we’re available to assist you in addressing many other facets of your business.

We offer the following value-added services:
  • Safety training
  • Labour and safety consulting
  • Employee payroll management
  • Human resources management
  • Compliance with labour laws & benefits to staff
  • Medical aid for staff
  • Funeral cover for staff
  • Third party Liability insurance cover up to 30 million
  • Stand-by temps, during labour unrest

Please give us a call, for a free and no obligation consultation. Tel: 011 0234 000

Founded in 2004, ZCON is a staff outsourcing and labour consultancy, based in Johannesburg. We provide a Turn-key solution to outsourced staff. We recruit only the highest calibre of Contractors and temps in the construction field of expertise. We have mastered the outsourced labour process. We have reliable systems in place and our reputation speaks for itself. CONSTRUCTION LABOUR OUTSOURCING IS OUR CORE BUSINESS. By outsourcing both the staff and the associated management component, you benefit from greater productivity, the ability to focus on your core business, meet and respond to fluctuating operational demands and gain predictable staffing costs.

Our staff outsourcing solutions are tailored to suit your specific needs, especially taking into account the nature of the contract: the categories and levels of staff required; and the degree of management, administrative processes and technology required.

Other benefits associated with staff outsourcing contracts are:
  • Competitive pricing structures
  • Continuity of staff supply
  • Predetermined service levels
  • Dedicated contract supervision
  • Payroll management
  • Statutory benefit payments
  • Bargaining council obligations.
ZCON is geared to handle contracts of any size and nature. Some of the industries we serve include:
  • food processing
  • manufacturing
  • transport & logistics
  • distribution centres
  • construction
  • engineering
  • retail,
  • hospitality...

Since 2004, contractors have been turning to ZCON for quality, skilled labour on demand, eliminating the hassle of maintaining in-house construction labour and the risk of uncertainties in dealing with employees. Our expertise encompasses the industrial, commercial, government, residential and institutional industries, and we host a variety of labour solutions, including locally based and traveling craftsmen.

Our clients have confidence in placing the success of their projects in the hands of our craftsmen because they know that every ZCON employee possesses a high standard of experience, training, knowledge and work ethic.

We maintain a large, full-time skilled labour base, which we provide to our clients on an as-needed basis.

We conduct thorough background checks and interviews with all field employee candidates. Once an expert is hired and before ever stepping foot on a customer’s jobsite, they are trained to our company standards in order to ensure greater safety compliance as well as your complete satisfaction.

In addition to our staffing services, we offer back office solutions, including payroll, human resources and safety consulting. These value-added services along with our skilled labour at ZCON gives you greater ability to remain fully focused on completing projects and generating revenue.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service is coupled with our dedication to providing our employees outstanding leadership and care toward their development and welfare. As an employer, our craftsmen receive industry-leading compensation and benefits, including group healthcare, licensing and certification assistance, continuing trade education, tuition assistance and other programs. Your business will reap the benefits of having the right people when and where you need them without the overhead and hassle of maintaining large and permanent payroll overheads.

In-house labour costs such as recruitment, training, drug screening, workers’ compensation, health and unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, vacation time, sick leave and other costs are all managed by us. We do this so you can focus on your project, not the administration work.

Benefits of outsourcing your labour include:
  • Higher revenues and productivity
  • Lower recruitment and hiring costs
  • Lower overtime and hold over costs
  • Lower workers compensation and unemployment claims
  • Lower unemployment insurance costs
Improved payroll and back office administration Another benefit you gain is the fact that we make doing business simple. We charge an hourly rate and bill on a weekly basis for the work performed by our contract workers.